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Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Togolese will soon be able to apply online for their criminal record

The computerization of criminal records for Togolese residing in the country or not is taking shape. The site dedicated to this innovation is already operational.

Concretely, for an online criminal record request, citizens will now have two choices requiring the availability of the internet: The use of a website which will be specially dedicated, or the use of a mobile application (downloadable from ” Play store “).

Applicants according to their category can complete the online form and submit the documents required to have their record established within a reasonable time.

The digitization of the Register issuance system will help alleviate some of the difficulties that the populations experience in their need to have this essential document drawn up for administrative, legal and professional formalities requirements.

This computerization project, which began more than 3 years ago, is in its final phase and will be operational in all jurisdictions by April 2021.

On December 23, 2020 the Council of Ministers adopted the draft law on the automated national criminal record. This preliminary draft aims to modify the legal framework to establish the new organization of the criminal record as soon as possible.

Above all, applicants will no longer need to return to their place of birth to obtain it, as is currently the case.

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