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Benin- Arrest of opposition flagbearer Reckya Madougou

Reckya Madougou, the leader of the opposition party, “Les Democrates”, who’s candidacy for the presidential election in Benin was rejected, has been arrested on Wednesday in Porto Novo.

Shortly after leading a press conference in the presence of other equally unsuccessful opposition candidates, including Professor Joël Aïvo, Reckya Madougou was arrested by Republican police on her way to Cotonou.

After her car was pulled over on the Porto Novo Bridge, those who were in the craft with her were taken out. And she was taken to Cotonou.

This follows an arrest warrant issued by the Court for the Repression of Economic Crimes and Terrorism (CRIET).

A source confirms to Rfi that her arrest would be linked to the arrests of “two activists from her party placed under arrest warrant on Monday for criminal association and terrorism”.

The opposition leader is currently in custody.

According to local media, her phone was also confiscated.

At the end of the investigation, she will be presented to the public prosecutor.

Meanwhile, Me Renaud Agbodjo, her lawyer, denounces her arrest, indicating that she was not even summoned beforehand.

Nevertheless, according to his counsel, “the main motives are always criminal association and terrorism. It must be considered that in reality her candidacy is embarrassing and this arrest is clearly political. So we denounce this totally arbitrary and illegal arrest ”.

A CRIET press conference is announced today to give full explanations of this affair which may have impact on the April 11, 2021 presidential election in this Western African country.

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