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Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Ghana-Closure of a homosexual center in Accra

On Wednesday, the Ghana police service closed the offices of an organization that supports the LGBTQI + community (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual trans, queer, intersex), in a neighborhood north of Accra.

On Twitter, LGBT + rights group Ghana announced that its center had been overrun by national security, adding that not only did they no longer have access to that space, but their lives were also at risk.

Furthermore, the community calls on human rights organizations and their allies to condemn “these attacks and hate crimes” against them.

For several weeks, religious groups and leaders in the Christian-dominated country have been campaigning for the authorities to close the center.

Meanwhile, Ghanaians on social media criticized the silence of President Akufo-Addo after the opening of this center in January by Rights Ghana with the support of foreigners (white).

The owner of the building that housed the center, Asenso Gyambi, told reporters he did not know his house was rented by the group.

These incidents come a few weeks after the first reaction of the American President, Joe Biden on the management of these practices by the other countries of the world.

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